Features of Dentis Implants

Clean Implant (Cleanlant)

  • DENTIS uses a unique and authentic cleaning system, unparalleled to other manufacturers’ products. We inspect every product several times and ensure highest level of cleanliness. 

Outstanding Initial Stability Design 

  • Double thread design enables shorter recovery time and increased initial stability.
  • The self-tapping function of the thread helps with the implant placement and ensures space for bone while increasing initial stability.
  • The tapered design with the 5° point guides the self-tapped drilling.

Optimal RBM Surface Treatment

  • Measured surface roughness is Ra: 1.5 ~ 1.8μm. Such a figure is ideal for osseointegration.

Convenient Compatibility with Superstructure (Abutment) 

  • Cleanlant may be used at an advantage with some products such as Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra or Swissplus implants.

i-Clean/s-Clean Fixture is No-mount System

  • During surgery, while existing mount systems, screwed in on top of the implant, obstruct the vision and shorten the distance between the upper and lower teeth, the DENTIS No-mount System right in the course of the surgery creates enough space, reduces operation time and ensures its high precision without being hindered by the surrounding teeth. It can be removed easily and in no time.

Designed for Easy Insertion into Various Density Bones

  • Cleanlant Straight type is designed for smooth insertion into various density bones. For example, Cleanlant Straight provides firm bond while not applying excessive bone stress.

Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

  • Using RBM Treatment, the surface of the implant is blasted with CaP powder in order to increase cohesion of bone tissue, followed by thorough cleaning of the surface. The roughness is 1,5±0,2μm and the surface increase after the treatment is 192%.

Implant Surface - Display

Surface Treatment

Ra: 1,7μm
Rq: 2,13μm
Rt: 17,23μm

Measurement Details

Magnification: 19,86
Measurement Mode: VSI
Samples: 498,41nm
Resolution: 640x480

Surface Treatment

Ra: 1,67μm
Rq : 2,08μm
Rt: 16,86μm

Measurement Details

Magnification: 19,86
Measurement Mode: VSI
Samples: 498,41nm
Resolution: 640x480

Surface Morphology

Analysis of the Elements on the Surface

Because of the exposure of the titanium to the air as well as detergent and remaining cutting oil, a layer of various organic substances of about 0.3-1.0nm is present on the implant surface. Not only that, elements such as Ca, P, N, Si, S a Cl may be detected never mind only in trace amounts. Until now, small quantities of the above mentioned elements and organic substances have not been reported as harmful to the human organism. Nevertheless, DENTIS Company applies its own cleaning process to minimize any substance residue and for every product lot proves the cleaning quality level with test samples for every product lot.

NK 3,92 12,25
Tik 96,08 87,75
Matrix Correction ZAF

NK 1,31 3,83
OK 5,78 14,86
PK 2,88 3,83
CaK 1,31 1,35
Tik 88,71 76,13
Matrix Correction ZAF


Cleaning system

Cutting Oil Removal

Acid Cleaning

Neutral Detergent Cleaning 1

Removal of Cuttion Oil Stuck onto the Product from the CNS Manufacturing Process

Protein Removal Double Cleaning Using Neutral Detergent

Product Inscpection

Final Inspection


Washed Product Inspection after the Neutral Detergent Cleaning 

Results of the EDS Analysis of the Elements Drying of the Product after Cleaning 

Distilled Water Cleaning 

Neutral Detergent Cleaing 2

Triple Cleaning with Distilled Water Triple Cleaning Using Neutral Detergent 



Analysis of the Elements on the Surface with ICP/IC

DENTIS Company ensures excellent cleaning level owing to its unique DENTIS Cleaning System.

DENTIS N.D. 0,052 N.D. N.D. N.D. 0,127 N.D. N.D. 0,04 N.D. 0,04 N.D. 0,13
A 0,033 0,181 0,013 N.D. 0,429 0,967 0,010 0,02 0,14 0,04 0,63 1,4 1,03
B 0,011 0,244 N.D. N.D. N.D. 0,103 0,005 0,01 0,18 0 0,14 0 0,51
C N.D. 0,274 0,009 N.D. 0,103 0,161 0,007 0,05 0,39 0,02 0,34 0,41 0,6
D 0,065 0,156 0,005 N.D. N.D. 0,294 N.D. 0,01 0,14 0,03 0,1 0 0,33

ICP/IC Quantitative Analysis

Cytoxicity Test Result

Test results in accordance with the ISO 10993-5

Final Inspection

Negative Control Group

Positive Control Group

DENTIS Fixture Eluted Fluid Group



After treating DENTIS Eluted Fluid Group with L929 fibroblast for 24 hours, the test result showed that it has not led to any growth neither in Positive Contro Group, nor in the Negative one.